We are a launchpad for new brands and products for the professional audio industry

We all remember the breakthrough products, the innovative ideas that changed and defined our industry.

The ones that became iconic and played a part in shaping popular culture.

These products become the industry standards and naturally draw competitors into the market, resulting in a flood of similar products that at best only offer incremental improvements.

We go beyond established audio products and product categories to meet the aspirations of audio engineering and music creative professionals, both now and in the coming decade.

We see an industry dominated by several large conglomerates that have grown by the acquisition of
brands, with ever-lessening degrees of true innovation.

We do not believe that the professional audio industry
has to be this way, and indeed see its current state as a
phenomenal opportunity for positive change.

We believe that original designs are essential to bring fresh
blood and new DNA to an industry still largely rooted in the
last century.  R
ather than merely aiming to steal market share, we seek to expand the horizons of our industry.

We create products with and for those who share our values and commitment to innovation, who care about changing the status quo.  


We welcome collaboration with like-minded individuals and companies, building on our respective strengths and expertise to deliver original and compelling brands and products.. 

And even with many decades of collective experience behind us, we believe that our best work is still to come

We share our vision with those who take a leadership role and move the professional audio industry forward.


The first of our brands will be announced in the coming months.


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