Our management team has many decades of collective experience working for some of the most respected brands the pro audio industry, with numerous product successes and industry innovations to their credit.

With our head office in Hong Kong, we are well placed to leverage the benefits of the tightly integrated supply chain offered by the Guangdong Pearl River Greater Bay Area. We have a close relationship with our OEM manufacturing partner that allows us to optimise our Inventors’ designs for mass manufacture, to create cost-efficient and reliable products. 

Al Walker, Founder & CEO

During a career in the Professional Audio industry spanning more than three decades, Al has designed numerous products for some of the most prestigious brands in the industry. He has also worked extensively in brand and product management, and has over twenty years of experience in regulatory compliance testing.

Al has worked internationally, successfully leading new product introduction projects that covered multiple continents and countries, and has gained widespread practical experience of product development in the Pearl River Greater Bay Area, including a five-year secondment at one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the audio industry.

Our Values

We are at a stage in our careers where we believe that we should give back to our industry, sharing our knowledge and experiences to create the next generation of professional audio brands and products.

We understand that in any endeavour that the first 90% is only half the journey, we also do the last 10% to fully realise the potential of our work. That is our difference, the willingness to put in the extra effort, when others consider they’ve done enough already.

When we create a brand, we understand that it is more than just the sum of products and that it represents a commitment between a company and its customers.


We believe that what we do, and how we do it, should never deviate from why we do it. This way we build and maintain trust with not only our customers, but our suppliers and our distributor and dealer networks as well, by staying true to our core values. To do otherwise, to say one thing and be seen to do another, is a breach of that bond of trust.

We have first-hand experience of working for long-standing and highly respected brands where this has happened, and the destructive effect on brand integrity and customer loyalty.  

We believe that the total cost of ownership, long operating life and high retained value, are more important than the price tag. When we manufacture products, we are consuming the planet’s resources, so we want to do so as responsibly as possible.  

We combine this philosophy with over a decade working in environmental compliance for the electronics industry, with practical experience of complying with regulations for recycling and the use of restricted materials on a global basis

Sometimes the most able voices are the quietest. And not all ideas arrive fully formed, some need nurturing to grow and evolve.     We seek to provide an environment where we can work in partnership to fully realise the potential of ideas as commercially viable products.

One that allows for a constructive exchange of ideas, built on trust, respect and inclusion, where we collaborate with our partners to our mutual benefit, to create original and successful product designs consistent with our core values.

Our Team

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