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We want to share our knowledge and experience.  We might be asked why we would want to give away such hard-won information for free, the answer is simple: We want better problems to solve.  


We do so because we care about the details.  The lessons learnt from decades of experience. The things that break, and those that work reliably and consistently.  That a thorough understanding of manufacturing processes creates better and more reliable designs. 

We share this accumulated knowledge and experience with engineers to help them make the right design choices to ensure the best possible product quality and reliability.

Cold-Rolled Steel Blues

Sheet steel is used for the cases of many electronic products, but perhaps surprisingly it can present a significant concern for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).  This article looks at why it is a hidden risk for EMC compliance and the positive steps that you can take to avoid such situations occurring. 

Game Changer

Bluetooth® Auracast™️ wireless streaming presents a radical paradigm shift for live music and sporting events, This article looks at the wireless reinvention of the live experience.

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