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Our Services

We provide a range of services to help clients realise their design concepts, that might previously have been provided by other teams in a corporate environment.

We focus on services where we consider that we can make a unique contribution, and outsource other business operations such as sales, distribution and fulfillment that are better done by our specialist partner companies.

We can offer help with the following:

  • Business planning, product roadmaps and Investor pitches

  • Brand creation and value proposition

  • Brand and product management

  • Conceptual and industrial 3D design

  • Intellectual property protection

  • Rapid prototyping services

  • Project management

  • New product introduction (NPI) process

  • Design for manufacturing assembly and test reviews

  • Liaison with manufacturing partner

  • Electronic hardware and software 

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Product quality assurance

  • Website creation

  • Product launch, marketing services and social media outreach.

All our projects go through a detailed and comprehensive new product introduction process, to include design for manufacturing assembly and test reviews, to evaluate their readiness for mass production, and to identify any remedial actions that need to be taken before progressing to preproduction.

We can help where additional design skills are required, plus we can draw on a wide pool of talent of creative and engineering design professionals as required.

Many of our services are geared towards developing hardware products, but we can also help with brand creation, value propositions, business planning and Investor pitches for software products.

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