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The LE Audio Launchpad

Inline Audio announces a new resource for next generation Bluetooth® LE Audio wireless streaming

Bluetooth LE Audio is the next generation of wireless audio streaming, with many innovative features to enable a whole new range of market and product creation opportunities for forward-thinking companies.

From hearing aids and wearables for augmented and virtual reality offering greater intelligibility and longer battery life, public information systems offering simultaneous announcements in multiple languages, to the reimagination of live entertainment, LE Audio fundamentally redefines wireless audio streaming experiences.

As well as providing an introductory overview of LE Audio, we aim to provide a variety of original content to promote its adoption of across multiple market segments and user applications. We will explore novel applications for LE Audio to inspire new and innovative product ideas, take a deep dive into the technical aspects, as well as share our own first-hand experience of LE Audio hardware and software development.

The LE Audio Opportunity

This is the beginning of a new wireless audio paradigm and an opportunity to create the enabling products that will revolutionise many aspects of our everyday lives.

As a Bluetooth SIG Adopter Member and an active participant in the development of LE Audio technology applications, Inline Audio is well placed to help companies gain a first mover advantage in the emerging market for LE Audio products. With our mutual non-disclosure agreement policy, companies can talk in confidence about realising this next generation of wireless products leveraging LE Audio technology. In conjunction with our manufacturing partner, we can provide a complete product development service from initial concept ideation to full-scale production shipment.

About Inline Audio

We are a brand and product launchpad for the professional audio industry. We go beyond existing product categories to create original design concepts with and for those who share our values and commitment to innovation. Those with vision, who take a leadership role and move our industry forward.

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